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Revolutionizing AP Matching with NXT AP: Real-Time Data for Real-Time Efficiency


In the competitive realm of accounts payable automation, the accuracy and timeliness of data used for matching directly impact the efficiency and reliability of the entire process. Traditional approaches by our competitors often involve copying vast amounts of supplier master data and purchase order (PO) data daily. This method not only increases the risk of data discrepancies but also adds unnecessary administrative burdens and fails to capture intra-day transactional changes. NXT AP addresses these challenges head-on by leveraging real-time, complete SAP data, ensuring unmatched precision and responsiveness in AP automation.


Competitors in the AP automation space typically rely on daily data transfers from SAP to external systems for matching purposes. This approach has several inherent limitations:

Data Latency: Copying data once a day means that any changes or transactions made after the data transfer are not reflected until the next day. This delay can be critical, especially for transactions like goods receipt (GR) postings, which are essential for timely invoice processing.

Increased Security Risks: Regularly transferring large sets of data outside the SAP environment increases the risk of data breaches and requires stringent security measures, adding complexity and potential vulnerabilities.

Administrative Overhead: Maintaining the infrastructure for daily data transfers involves significant administrative effort and system resources, which could be better utilized for strategic activities.

Compliance and Accuracy Challenges: Using data that could be up to 24 hours old risks compliance issues and inaccuracies, especially in dynamic environments where contract terms, pricing, and inventory levels may change frequently.


NXT AP transforms the matching process by utilizing live, comprehensive data directly from an organization’s SAP system. This real-time approach offers substantial improvements over traditional methods:

Instant Data Access: By interfacing directly with SAP, NXT AP accesses the most current data at all times, including intra-day updates such as GR postings. This immediacy ensures that all matching is based on the latest information, facilitating faster and more accurate invoice processing​​.

Elimination of Data Duplication Risks: NXT AP’s integration eliminates the need to duplicate data, thereby reducing the risks associated with data transfers and storage outside the SAP environment. This integration not only enhances security but also reduces IT overhead related to data management​​.

Enhanced Operational Efficiency: Real-time data access minimizes the need for manual interventions caused by data errors and discrepancies, streamlining operations and allowing AP staff to focus on more value-added activities.

Improved Compliance and Accuracy: Immediate access to current data ensures compliance with evolving financial regulations and internal controls, reducing the risk of costly errors and non-compliance penalties.


For CFOs, AP managers, and managers of financial shared services centers, NXT AP’s approach means a transformative shift in managing accounts payable. The benefits of using real-time, accurate data are clear: enhanced operational efficiency, reduced costs, improved vendor relationships through faster payments, and strengthened compliance and financial reporting.


By harnessing the power of real-time data within the SAP environment, NXT AP significantly outperforms traditional data capturing solutions that rely on outdated, cumbersome, and risky data copying practices. NXT AP not only propels accounts payable processes into a new era of efficiency but also aligns closely with the strategic goals of modern enterprises seeking agility and precision in their financial operations.

Discover how NXT AP can redefine your accounts payable workflow with its superior real-time data integration. Contact us for a demonstration and to learn more about integrating NXT AP into your financial systems.

Stay tuned for our next blog post, which will explore NXT AP's advanced compliance capabilities in detail, demonstrating how real-time data integration supports adherence to global financial regulations.


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