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Rethinking confidence scores with NXT AP for absolute certainty in AP automation


In the realm of accounts payable (AP) automation, confidence scores provided by data capturing technologies, such as Azure AI, have traditionally guided the reliability of processed data. Although Azure AI often achieves higher-than-average confidence scores, even these impressive scores fall short of addressing the critical need for absolute certainty in financial accounting. NXT AP redefines this standard by ensuring 100% validation of every data point in real-time, setting a new benchmark for precision and reliability in AP automation.

The Shortcomings of High Confidence Scores

Azure AI, with its advanced capabilities, frequently delivers confidence scores above 95% when extracting data from invoices. While these scores indicate a high level of accuracy, they inherently admit a residual risk—up to a 5% likelihood of error per value across all documents​​. In financial environments where precision is paramount and the consequences of errors are significant, even this small margin of error is unacceptable.

NXT AP's Solution: Ensuring Absolute Certainty

NXT AP transcends traditional data capture by not just relying on high confidence scores but by enhancing this with a foolproof layer of validation. This system validates every piece of data against the current and complete SAP data universe in real-time. This approach ensures that every value used in AP processes is not just likely to be accurate but is confirmed against the most reliable source—live SAP data​​.

The Importance of Certainty in Financial Transactions

The financial sector operates under stringent regulatory and compliance standards where every transaction must be accurate and verifiable. Traditional confidence scores, even if high, do not fulfill the rigorous requirements of financial compliance and audit-readiness. NXT AP's method of embedding real-time validation within SAP eliminates any reliance on probabilities and transforms confidence into certainty.

This integration ensures that each transaction is not only captured accurately but is also compliant with complex financial regulations, corporate governance standards, and internal controls. By doing so, NXT AP not only increases the efficiency of the AP process but also significantly reduces the risk of compliance breaches and financial inaccuracies.


While traditional AP automation solutions rely on the probabilistic assurances of confidence scores, NXT AP provides a revolutionary leap forward by guaranteeing absolute certainty through direct and real-time validation within SAP systems. This ensures that enterprises can trust their automated processes to be as reliable, accurate, and compliant as their most meticulous manual processes.

Embrace the future of accounts payable automation with NXT AP, where confidence scores are transformed into guaranteed certainty. Join us for a live demonstration of NXT AP's capabilities and see how it can elevate your AP processes to the standards of absolute certainty.

Contact us today to learn more about NXT AP's innovative approach to AP automation and to schedule a live demonstration.

This blog post is part of a series designed to highlight the unique capabilities of NXT AP compared to traditional solutions in the market, providing detailed insights into its innovative features and substantial benefits for modern businesses.


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