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Digitalising B2B transactions

Early payments

for all suppliers

Driving Net

Zero initiatives

Future of Supply Chain InvoiceNxt.jpg

One platform

serving long

supply chains

One platform serving long supply chains

Corporates become the best pay masters, suppliers receive immediate payments and lenders provide for the unmet financing needs in emerging markets.


Corporates monetise their existing ERP data, increasing the bottom line immediately.


Suppliers of all sizes use InvoiceNxt to request early payments of any invoice amount with a single click.

InvoiceNxt is a fully automated embedded supplier finance that gives access to corporate supply chains at zero marginal costs. A network to digitalise transactions between large corporates, SMEs and micro SMEs, creating visibility, trust and collaboration.

Buyers empowering Suppliers instantly

Digitalisation of supplier interactioon.jpg

Large corporate buyers can support their SME suppliers with urgently needed cash flow, which helps them maintain their production and sales capacity.


By providing early payment to their SME suppliers, large corporates can help their suppliers access the capital they need to run their businesses and stay competitive.


Without InvoiceNxt, it is virtually impossible for corporate buyers to enable early payment programs at scale, especially not for the longtail of SME- and MSME suppliers, even if they wanted to.


InvoiceNxt is technically installed in hours and automates the entire process end-to-end.


Finally, responsible buyers can directly support the business partners who need it most.

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