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ECC & S/4


Cutting-Edge Integration:

SAP GUI with

Microsoft Outlook

and SharePoint


e-Invoices from

65+ Markets

Unlock Data

from Image-Based Invoices:

Efficient &


AI empowered Ledger for Straight through Processing

NXT EDGE enables true straight-through-processing of all supplier invoices, facilitating immediate posting. Fine-tuned to apply market-specific accounting standards, overcoming language barriers and time zones. 


Relying on complete relying on complete supplier invoice data, NXT EDGE becomes the super-human virtual accountant validating data and ensuring compliance using standard SAP transactions. Its a cornerstone of AP automation. NXT EDGE changes the nature of the accounts payable function.

Simple cost structure. For every volume

Fixed-price implementation, free SW updates and 24/5 hotline support (English). Only outcome-based cost per parked/posted document, regardless of source (e-invoice/PDF).


Experience autonomous parking and seamless posting of supplier invoices.

NXT EDGE enables straight-through processing for all your supplier invoices while providing powerful support for comprehensive validations and handling complex AP scenarios.

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