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Real-Time Processing: The Game Changer in Accounts Payable Automation

In the evolving landscape of accounts payable (AP) automation, the capacity to process data in real time is not just an advantage; it is a transformative force. NXT AP, with its cutting-edge Azure AI integration, epitomizes this transformation, distinguishing itself from traditional data capturing and SAP Business Workflow applications that rely on outdated, slower processes. This blog post delves into how real-time processing within NXT AP revolutionizes the approach to supplier invoice management.

What is Real-Time Processing?

Real-time processing in AP automation refers to the ability to capture and validate supplier invoice data instantaneously as it is received. Unlike traditional systems that may take hours or days to process an invoice due to manual data entry and verifications, NXT AP reduces this to a matter of seconds. This swift processing is made possible through the integration of Azure AI services, which facilitate immediate data capture and validation without the need for interim data storage or manual intervention.

Key Benefits of Real-Time Processing in NXT AP

Immediate Data Availability

Real-time processing ensures that data from supplier invoices is available for use almost instantaneously. This significantly accelerates the AP cycle, enabling faster decision-making and improving cash flow management.

Enhanced Accuracy and Reduced Errors

By automating data capture and validation, NXT AP minimizes human errors that typically occur in manual data entry. Azure AI's advanced algorithms provide a high confidence level in the accuracy of the data captured, ensuring reliability in AP processing.

Increased Productivity

Real-time processing liberates AP staff from the tedious task of manual data entry and validation, allowing them to focus on more strategic tasks such as data analysis, vendor management, and optimizing payment terms.

Cost Efficiency

Faster processing times lead to reduced operational costs. Companies can avoid late payment penalties and take advantage of early payment discounts, directly impacting the bottom line.


NXT AP's real-time processing capability scales seamlessly with the volume of invoices, making it ideal for both growth periods and regular operations without additional resource allocation.

NXT AP vs. Traditional Competitors

Traditional data capturing services and SAP Business Workflow applications typically rely on batch processing, where data is collected over a certain period and processed at once. This often results in delays and a backlog of work, especially during peak periods. Furthermore, these systems generally require initial uploads of supplier master and PO data, which can complicate the data capture process and introduce errors.

In stark contrast, NXT AP’s real-time processing does not require the pre-loading of master data or PO information, thus streamlining operations and maintaining data integrity. By integrating directly with Azure AI, NXT AP not only captures but also validates supplier invoice data against current and complete SAP data in real time, ensuring that all postings are accurate and compliant with company-specific, fiscal, and legal standards.


Real-time processing in NXT AP is not merely a feature—it's a strategic asset that propels businesses towards greater efficiency, accuracy, and agility in their accounts payable operations. As companies increasingly look to digital solutions to optimize their financial processes, NXT AP stands out as a leader, redefining what is possible in AP automation.

Embrace the power of NXT AP and transform your accounts payable processes today.

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