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Preparing for InvoiceNow with NXT EDGE

As Singapore progresses with its digital initiatives in finance, GST-registered businesses are poised to adopt InvoiceNow, a crucial transition supported by specific timelines outlined by the Inland Revenue Authority of Singapore (IRAS).

For businesses utilizing SAP systems, NXT EDGE, an SAP-certified add-on, offers a streamlined pathway to compliance through its integration with Unified Post's global access point, which connects to over 30 national e-invoice networks, including those in Singapore, Malaysia, Australia, and New Zealand. Here’s a detailed look at the implementation timeline and the strategic advantages of leveraging NXT EDGE for this transition.

Detailed Timeline for InvoiceNow Adoption

The Singaporean government has planned a thoughtful rollout for InvoiceNow adoption among GST-registered businesses, designed to enhance tax administration and support digital transformation:

  • Voluntary Early Adoption: Beginning 1 May 2025, GST-registered businesses are encouraged to adopt InvoiceNow voluntarily. This initial phase allows businesses to adjust to the new system at their own pace before mandatory requirements set in.

  • Mandatory for Newly Incorporated Companies: Starting 1 November 2025, it becomes mandatory for newly incorporated companies that register for GST to implement InvoiceNow. This ensures that all new businesses are compliant from the start.

  • Extended to All New GST Registrants: By 1 April 2026, all new businesses registering for GST will be required to use InvoiceNow, marking the full integration of this system for new market entrants.

Leveraging NXT EDGE for Seamless Integration

SAP-Certified Solution: NXT EDGE is an SAP-certified add-on designed to seamlessly integrate with SAP ECC and S/4 HANA systems. This certification assures that NXT EDGE meets SAP’s high standards for integration and functionality, making it a reliable choice for businesses seeking efficient e-invoicing solutions.

Through its integration with Unified Post’s global access point, NXT EDGE connects to more than 30 national e-invoice networks. This extensive connectivity not only facilitates compliance with Singapore’s InvoiceNow but also aligns with e-invoicing standards across multiple jurisdictions, simplifying cross-border transactions and compliance.

NXT EDGE not only connects to national e-Invoice networks, but also embeds Azure AI-services to capture image-based supplier invoices. Regardless of how the supplier invoices are received, 100% of the supplier invoices will be parked in real-time (less than 5 seconds after receipt).

Benefits Beyond Compliance

NXT EDGE enhances operational efficiencies by automating invoice processes, reducing errors, and speeding up the payment cycles. For businesses, this means improved cash flow management and the ability to focus more resources on core business activities rather than administrative tasks.


The phased implementation of InvoiceNow is a significant step towards digitalizing financial processes in Singapore. For GST-registered businesses, adopting NXT EDGE provides a robust, compliant, and efficient pathway to meeting these new requirements. With its SAP certification and integration with Unified Post’s global network, NXT EDGE is ideally positioned to help businesses navigate this transition smoothly, ensuring they are well-prepared for the digital finance landscape ahead, even beyond Singapore.

Explore how NXT EDGE can facilitate your transition to InvoiceNow and support your business’s compliance and efficiency goals. Visit our website or contact our team for more information and a comprehensive demonstration.

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