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Empowering Financial Shared Services with Global e-Invoice Compliance through NXT AP

As financial shared services centers face the growing complexity of adhering to international e-invoicing mandates, NXT AP provides a streamlined, efficient solution. This blog post explores how NXT AP, bolstered by our partnership with Unifiedpost, simplifies global compliance for shared services centers by providing a single integration point to multiple national e-invoice networks.

Global Compliance Challenges for Shared Services Centers

Financial shared services centers, which often handle transactions for multiple company codes across various countries, are uniquely challenged by the increasing number of e-invoicing mandates. Each country's specific standards and regulations can differ significantly, requiring services centers to navigate a labyrinth of compliance requirements. This situation demands a solution that can centralize and simplify these processes to ensure seamless, error-free operations.

NXT AP: A Unified Gateway for e-Invoicing

NXT AP addresses these challenges head-on by integrating with over 30 national e-invoice networks through a single connection, thanks to our strategic partnership with Unifiedpost. This integration allows financial shared services centers to manage e-invoicing requirements across all operational markets without the need to juggle multiple systems or custom integrations. Once connected, all company codes, regardless of the market, are linked to their respective national e-invoice networks.

Simplifying Compliance Across Borders

The key benefit of NXT AP’s approach is its ability to outsource the complexity of aligning with various national standards. This not only ensures compliance with local VAT and regulatory requirements but also significantly reduces the administrative burden on the financial teams. By automating the compliance process, NXT AP allows shared services centers to focus more on strategic activities and less on regulatory alignment.

Enhancing Operational Efficiency and Transparency

For shared services centers, NXT AP offers more than just compliance. It enhances operational efficiency by automating the capture, processing, and archiving of invoices in compliance with international standards. This automation reduces manual interventions, lowers the risk of errors, and improves the overall speed of the invoicing process. Additionally, the transparency offered by NXT AP gives financial managers real-time insights into their invoicing processes, enabling better control and decision-making.

Cost-Effective Solution for Multinational Operations

the financial and logistical overheads associated with maintaining multiple invoicing systems and custom integrations. Furthermore, NXT AP’s scalable solution can adapt to the growing needs of businesses as they expand into new markets or as more countries adopt e-invoicing mandates.


For financial shared services centers tasked with managing complex, multinational invoice processing tasks, NXT AP provides a robust, scalable solution that not only ensures compliance with global e-invoicing standards but also enhances operational efficiencies. By partnering with Unifiedpost, we offer a seamless, one-stop solution for all e-invoicing needs, allowing shared services centers to realign their focus towards growth and strategic financial management.

Discover how NXT AP can transform your financial shared services center by ensuring global e-invoicing compliance with ease. Visit our website or contact our team for an in-depth demonstration of how NXT AP can support your organization's needs.

Visit our website or contact our team for more information. Contact us today to learn more about our solutions and to schedule a live demonstration.


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