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Streamlining Invoice processing with NXT Capture and Azure AI Document Intelligence.

Embedding NXT Capture into Accounts Payable Automation for SAP

Experience hassle-free processing of image-based supplier invoices with NXT Capture, which uses Microsoft Azure AI Document Intelligence as an embedded service.

No need for hardware or administrative setup, no requirement for customer-specific training, and no concerns about minimum volume or binding commitments. It's a straightforward, flexible solution tailored for ease and efficiency.

Unparalleled accuracy and speed

Azure AI Document Intelligence uses Computer Vision to reliably capture the content of supplier invoices in real-time (< 3 sec.):

Computer Vision goes beyond the capabilities of traditional OCR by not just reading text, but also understanding the context and layout of invoices. It utilizes advanced algorithms to interpret complex visual elements, such as varying fonts, colors, and formats, that OCR struggles with. Unlike OCR, which primarily decodes text, Computer Vision can accurately extract and contextualize information from unstructured data, adapting to diverse invoice designs. This makes it significantly more reliable and versatile for processing the intricate details and variations found in supplier invoices, leading to higher accuracy and efficiency in data capture.

Ideal for high-volume global shared services centers

Azure AI Document Intelligence processes invoices in 29 languages and supports more than 30 currency keys out of the box.

Images only

Azure AI Document Intelligence captures supplier invoice data from the image alone, without needing supplier master- or PO data, offering a flexible and efficient solution.

Data protection through stateless processing

NXT Capture's stateless processing ensures that no images or captured data are stored, maintaining high data privacy and security standards. This approach allows for immediate and secure processing of invoices, providing businesses with a fast, reliable, and privacy-focused invoice management tool.

Complete header- and line-item data

NXT Capture returns up to 56 header and up to 10 line-item values. Every value is provided with a confidence score, which indicates the level of certainty the system has in its accuracy.

However, NXT EDGE will match and validate all values with complete and current supplier master- and PO data, which technically ensures that only correct values are used to create posted invoices (“100% Confidence”).


NXT Capture delivers complete text extraction (“full-text”) from documents. This capability empowers NXT EDGE to perform advanced matching and validation, extending beyond the values provided by supllier invoice templates, ensuring more comprehensive and accurate data verification processes.

> 90% Auto-parking

NXT EDGE uses a minimum of 16 values when creating parked SAP documents. More than relying on confidence scores, NXT EDGE validates every single value.

Supported Document Types and Technical Specifications

NXT Capture supports various document types, including PDF, JPG, JPEG, PNG, BMP, TIFF, and HEIF. With a transaction rate of 15 per second (adjustable), a maximum document size of 500 MB, and support for up to 2,000 pages, the system offers robust capabilities to meet diverse business requirements.

In conclusion, NXT Capture with Azure AI Document Intelligence is a game-changer in streamlining image-based supplier invoice processing. Its unmatched accuracy, global compatibility, and comprehensive data extraction capabilities make it a powerful tool for businesses aiming to enhance their financial processes.


At A:GUSTH, we fuse GPT technology, process expertise, and decades of experience to empower global clients in making strategic decisions. Our adaptive software solutions cater to Asian requirements, especially in finance automation for corporates and Shared Services Centres.

A:gusth's team excels in AI-driven business process automation, strategy, and innovation.

Our global experience with Fortune 500 companies, particularly in SE Asia, enhances our understanding of diverse requirements. While specializing in finance processes with SAP, we prioritize holistic end-to-end solutions.

Reach us at to redefine your global business dynamics through AI-driven solutions.


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