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NXT AP Brings Straight-Through Processing to Life

Straight-through processing (STP) is a key objective of accounts payable (AP) automation, representing the epitome of efficiency and accuracy in financial operations. Unlike traditional data capturing methods and SAP Business workflow applications that often rely on manual intervention, NXT AP is fundamentally designed to facilitate STP by ensuring the trustworthiness of every piece of data captured. This blog post delves into how NXT AP’s comprehensive validation capabilities are not just enhancing but are essential for enabling STP.

The Critical Need for Data Accuracy in STP

In the context of accounts payable, STP represents the ideal scenario where invoices are processed from capture to payment without manual intervention. However, achieving true STP is contingent upon the absolute reliability of the data involved. Any errors in data, such as incorrect invoice numbers or payment terms, can disrupt the entire AP process, leading to delays, increased costs, and compliance risks.

NXT AP: Enabling STP Through Unmatched Data Validation

NXT AP distinguishes itself by integrating advanced Azure AI services that perform meticulous validations of captured data against stringent accuracy and compliance benchmarks. This approach ensures that data such as invoice numbers, payment terms, and compliance details are not only captured but are verified to be correct and compliant with all applicable regulations from the moment they enter the system.

Market-Specific Compliance and Operational Accuracy

NXT AP’s capability extends beyond general validations; it is adept at handling market-specific compliance requirements across different regions. This feature is crucial for businesses operating in multiple countries, where financial regulations can vary significantly. By automating these complex validations, NXT AP ensures that invoices processed through its system meet local compliance standards, thus safeguarding businesses against potential legal and financial penalties.

The Impact of Reliable Data on STP

The strength of NXT AP lies in its ability to provide a foundation of trust in the data used throughout the AP process. With NXT AP, businesses can achieve true STP, where invoices move seamlessly through the payment cycle without requiring stops for manual checks or corrections. This not only speeds up the entire process but also drastically reduces the overhead associated with manual data handling and corrections, thereby optimizing operational costs and improving overall efficiency.


For organizations aiming to realize the full potential of their AP processes through STP, NXT AP offers a powerful solution. Its comprehensive validation ensures that every piece of data can be trusted 100%, making true STP not just an aspiration but a reality. NXT AP's advanced capabilities fundamentally change how businesses handle their accounts payable, turning a traditionally cumbersome process into a streamlined, trustworthy operation.

Explore further how NXT AP transforms accounts payable into a strategic asset for your organization. Visit our website or contact our team for an in-depth look at how NXT AP supports reliable, efficient, and compliant financial processes.

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