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Elevate Finance with

AI-Powered SAP Solutions.

NXT generation of
Digital Automation
Experience the Future of Shared Service Center Efficiency.

 We lead the way in AI-driven finance automation for SAP, revolutionizing high-volume shared service centres.

Unlock unprecedented efficiency and accuracy with an experience-based application of SAP best practices

and the use of revolutionary large language

models (GPT-4). Embrace the power of AI and

maximize your finance potential with

our cutting-edge solutions.​ 

A Unified Gateway to e-Invoicing

Past event [Webinar] was held on Wed. 29 May 2024. 4 PM SGT

Discover how NXT AP is revolutionizing e-invoicing by seamlessly integrating with over 30 national e-invoice networks through a single connection. Don't miss this opportunity to explore the future of e-invoicing. Register now to secure your spot and gain insights into optimizing your invoicing processes!



NXT EDGE for SAP is an AI-empowered ledger that ensures autonomous parking and posting of supplier invoices.
NXT EDGE is designed to ensure the most efficient processing in high-volume financial shared services centre environments. 
  • Regardless of format or language, NXT EDGE will reliably create parked SAP documents:
  • Receipt of electronic invoices from more than 30 national e-Invoice networks through a single API connection
  • Accurate capturing of PDF invoices in more than 30 languages in seconds
  • Reliable matching of invoice data using current SAP data in real-time (in SAP)
  • AI-based validation of invoice data (GPT-4)
  • Creation of parked MM documents even before GR - posting
  • Finetuned GPT-4-proposed coding proposals for Non-PO-based invoices
  • SAP-certified for ECC and S/4 HANA


NXT AP drives AP processes 24/7 across all markets and in all languages, leveraging cutting-edge GPT technology and an experienced-based understanding of
and accounting standards.


InvoiceNxt provides suppliers with access to all details of their transactions with corporate customers. Simple and intuitive, offering immediate and tangible benefits. Thus overcoming the onboarding challenges of traditional supplier self-service platforms.
InvoiceNxt gives suppliers access to valuable information such as:
  • Received purchase orders and recorded deliveries (GR posting)
  • Received invoices and their processing status, including expected payment date
  • Remittance information
  • Current statement of accounts

Corporate buyers can offer early payment (“invoice discounting”) or allow third-party funders to purchase the supplier’s receivables on fair terms to strengthen the supply chain’s financial health.

Suppliers can raise 'perfect' invoices through InvoiceNxt by flipping purchase orders or uploading invoice images, which are validated in real-time.

Elevate Finance with nxt4sap's AI-Powered SAP Solutions.
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